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4 Things to consider before buying a rice cooker

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There are many rice cookers on the market, sometimes you may be confused by a lot of functions which are not necessary for your cooking, so before buying a rice cooker you should read this article to know these things and make a smart investment on your rice cooker.

1. Size

The first thing is to consider the size or cups of the rice cooker, different size is for different family. If there are only 2 people in your family, you may only need a small cooker which is capable to handle 2 to 4 people’s cooked rice at a time, if you have a large family which has more than 4 people, you should consider buying a medium or a large rice cooker.

It’s not wise to use a large rice cooker to cook a small piece of rice for single or couple, you will not only waste energy with the large rice cooker which need more power, you may also lose the delicious taste of rice.

So it’s very important to choose the right size when buying a rice cooker, check this table below and you should have an idea which size you need.

2. Basic rice cooker or fuzzy logic rice cooker?

There are mainly two types of rice cookers on the market, the simple rice cooker which only has on/off functions, it’s also called conventional or traditional rice cooker, the other is called fuzzy logic rice cooker which has a micro-computer chip featuring program settings for variant cooking options.

Traditional rice cooker

You may call it on/off rice cooker, it start to cook when you turn it on and automatically switch to keep warm when the rice is cooked, really easy to use, some of the conventional rice cookers offer a steamer function so you can steam foods as you like.

The price of traditional rice cookers is so good, the cheapest product is only about 10 dollars.

Fuzzy logic rice cooker

Most of the fuzzy logic rice cookers come with a timer, it allows you to set the time that you would like the rice cooker to start working. With a fuzzy logic, you can not only cook rice, you also can make congee, soup, cake and other food depending on the functions the rice cooker provides.

Fuzzy logic rice cooker is perfect for full time working mom, you can prepare the rice and set a time before leaving for work, and get back home with your cooked rice is ready for dinner.

3. Inner pot: non-stick, stainless steel or clay pot?

Non-stick inner pot

Most of the inner pot of rice cookers is non-stick, this kind of inner pot is coated to prevent the cooked rice stick to the bottom, the advantage of using a non-stick pot is easy to clean after cooking, the disadvantage is that the coating will peel off in a few years, some people concern about the caused health problem with the coating.

If you take care of the non-stick pot, keep it away from sharp spatula and dishwasher, it will sever you for many years.

Stainless steel inner pot

A lot of people who choose stainless steel rice cooker are conscious about their health, they want to eat healthily, so the stainless steel inner pot is much safer than the non-stick coating pot.

The only cons of the stainless steel rice cookers is that the cooked rice may stick a bit on the bottom, but it’s not a big problem if you soak the pot for a while before cleaning it, you can wipe it out easily.

Clay pot

The best pot for healthy eating, on harm to our body, but the pot is a bit easy to crack, so you must take care of it carefully, or you have to spend extra money to buy a new one to replace it when it get cracked, it’s not cheap to buy a new clay pot.

4. Components

You also should consider the components that come with the rice cooker, such as the steam plate, cups and spatula, but after all, not the most important thing you should consider.
Well, after reading this article, you should have the knowledge to select the rice cooker you need.

When you are puzzled with selecting the best rice cooker for you, please be patient, you could find answers from Google or ask some friends who use rice cooker for some advice.

4 Horrible Mistakes To Avoid In Choosing The Right Travel Agency

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Hiring a travel agency is not a big deal. But choosing the right agency is surely a big task. You need to choose the right travel agency to enjoy a comfortable, safe and satisfactory travel experience. And to choose the right travel agency, you need to keep in mind some of the factors. People often make some mistakes to choose the right travel agency and this does affect their choice of tour packages. And they end up spending more for a dissatisfactory travel experience. To help you stay away from those horrible mistakes, here are some of them highlighted.

Not knowing about the company or service and book the same- It will be really a foolish act if you book any service without knowing fully about it. It is recommended that you should read all reviews available in the Internet for the particular service or the company you are going to hire for package holidays to Dubai. The reviews available will help you to get a fair idea of the services they offer. You can know about the level of services as well as customer satisfaction from the reviews. Hence it is needed that you should read the reviews and not book any service all of a sudden.

Not searching thoroughly – It is needed that you should search well to get in touch with the companies or agents of the companies before you book any service. A thorough search is not limited to make a long list of travel companies. But it means you should filter your search and short list the companies that you feel are worthy to contact. Not checking with the different types of tour packages- It is needed that you should know about the different types of tour packages like package holidays to Dubai or similar holiday packages to other destinations offered by the company. Knowing the varied types of packages will help you get an idea of the extensive reach of the company and its supremacy in the market. A reputed and well-established agency will definitely have expanded holiday packages designed for its customers. You should know and read all the packages and then decide.

Not checking the real prices- It is a major mistake that is made by many customers. Often, many people just forget to ask about the real price of the package. Many times, travel agencies include hidden fees or taxes in the package holidays but customers are not aware of the same. Hence you should be clear before hiring any package and ask them to inform you about any hidden fees included in the package holiday that they have shown to you.